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Change is here.

And it is gathering speed.

But are you prepared for the impact?!

I help business leaders and their teams navigate the intersection between business strategy and human behavior.

Leveraging switchbacks to SUCCESS. 

Change is a constant force that demands attention and agility in the ever-evolving world of business.

How can we, as leaders, not only ride out the storm but come out stronger on the other side?


How can we help our teams stay focused and confident while navigating the maze of uncertainty?

Change is unsettling, and it can often be paralyzing ...

Picture this journey as a climb up a mountain, where success is not a straight ascent but a series of switchbacks leading to the summit.


To navigate this intricate path, you need the mindset and the right tools to embrace the twists and turns of change.

This is where I can help.

Book a free consultation with me.

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Strategic Consulting: I am your strategic partner for growth, drawing from experiences in building and revitalizing wealth businesses, advising on multi-billion-dollar transactions, and leading sales teams to award-winning results.

Inspiring Speaker: My dynamic talks on resilience, decision-making, and navigating uncertainty ignite motivation and change mindsets to drive results.

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Decision-making Resources: Explore my detailed articles and comprehensive guides, providing practical tools and strategies that enable smart decisions, build resilience, and pave the path to desired results.

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How I can help

Picture the switchbacks on a mountainside – Assessing the terrain, Acting to take the right steps, and Adapting when the path takes an unexpected turn.

My 3A framework is a simple, yet powerful approach, born from both the boardroom and the mountain slopes. It's about assessing situations objectively, acting decisively and prudently on smart options, and adapting tactics flexibly when obstacles inevitably arise.







Financial Consultation

Consulting & Training

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Speaking & Workshops

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Canary Wharf London
Consultant and clients
"We hired Sam to undertake a bespoke strategic analysis to position our private wealth business for the future. We chose Sam because he brings industry knowledge and hands-on experience to the technical, operational, client-facing and regulatory challenges facing private wealth businesses today and how to deal with them. Sam's analysis and recommendations were very well received and are being implemented."

Lucas Pontillo 
Global CFO, Fiera Capital Corporation 

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Schedule a Free Consultation, and Let's Begin the Ascent Together

Let’s explore how I can help you lead your team and business forward with flexibility, focus, and fearlessness.


Change may be constant, but so is the opportunity it provides.


Schedule a free consultation now, and let's start the conversation.


Together, we'll navigate the switchbacks to success.

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