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Making Your Money Work: The Secrets to Financial Health is a unique and engaging handbook that distills expert financial wisdom into an engaging narrative non-fiction format. Written by personal finance expert and senior financial services executive Sam Sivarajan, this book explores practical investing and financial strategies, seen through the eyes of a group of friends struggling to manage their money. Told through a collection of fun and relatable stories that will resonate with readers from all walks of life, Making Your Money Work provides a fresh and valuable perspective that contains tried-and-tested financial advice. It applies equally to the rich and those who want to be. This book speaks to readers no matter where they are in their financial journey, conveying applicable knowledge to help readers invest and grow their wealth with confidence. Perfect for anybody who wants to harness the true power of their money and dip into the financial markets, author Sam Sivarajan will take you by the hand and introduce you to an easy-to-understand, goals-based investing approach that you can use to achieve your financial dreams.

“Nestled in a heart-warming conversation among friends are timeless nuggets and sage advice and financial planning and investing wisely. A delightful read whose value will compound over time.”


Author: The Aspirational Investor, President and Chief Investment Officer, Euclidean Capital

“Sam is a voice of common sense on investing, particularly the behavioral aspects of it. As this book explains, success comes through patience, discipline and a long-term focus, and on keeping our emotions in check.”


Editor: The Evidence-Based Investor

“Read this book and start on your way to a better financial future.”


Adjunct Professor Rotman School of Management, Former CEO Tennis Canada

“Sam's book addresses head-on the uncertainty and volatility in today's markets and outlines the key steps needed to secure your financial future. A fun read and a terrific resource.”


Founder and CEO, Bravado Designs