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Business Meeting

Wealth Management Consulting and Training

Tailored Consulting ... 

... to Solve Your Pain Points

No time to build, grow, and future-proof your business?

Between administrative work, compliance and other tasks you have to do - working in your business - you don’t have the time to do the things you need to do - working on your business.

What are the things you need to do?

You need to:

  • attract and retain more of the right clients

  • identify, negotiate and execute strategic partnerships

  • enter new market segments

  • buy another practice

  • prepare your practice for a sale

  • update or change your offering with minimal disruption

  • refine your staff management strategy

Man Reading the Newspaper

Building a successful and future-proof wealth management business takes work and time. 

Finding solutions is easier with the right partner.

 If you are looking for actionable and pragmatic solutions to solve your NEEDS, I am here to help you.

What I bring to the table:

Deep investment and client expertise

I have a Doctorate in Behavioral Finance and have built and launched two unique and state-of-the-art investment platforms.

Strategic planning and execution expertise

I launched new strategic initiatives, led M&A transactions and integrations (as investment banker and wealth management executive), and advised on strategic positioning.

Hands-on operational experience

I have built and led 3 wealth management businesses with $80B+ in assets.

People management expertise

I managed sales teams and led restructuring efforts.

Legal and corporate experience

I ran P&L units, led large multi-disciplinary teams, negotiated shareholder agreements and commercial contracts, and reported to regulators and boards.

Consulting experience

I advised mid-sized boutiques and large asset management firms on new market entry, strategic growth initiatives, and designing and implementing change management.

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