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Speaker Overview

Is your team navigating uncertainty? Are you afraid of losing momentum? 

Empower them to thrive in the chaos, make better decisions, and be more successful.

I've spoken on television, in front of senior executives and sales professionals to help them cut through the noise and navigate uncertain waters to drive success.

I write The Goals-Based Advisor newsletter and host The Future-Ready Advisor podcast — trusted resources for advisors and executives eager to seamlessly integrate behavioral coaching and cutting-edge tools to build future-proof businesses. My insights are also featured in respected publications like the Globe & Mail and

Let's bring clarity to your team amid the chaos, accelerate their decision-making, and keep them nimble in a shifting landscape. Together, we'll turn obstacles into opportunities and setbacks into triumphant success.

Speaking Topics Include:


Switchbacks to Success: Leading Through Uncertainty

  • Sustain your momentum, achieve your goals without burnout or indecision

  • 3A change framework with engaging real-life examples and insights

  • Key results: empower your team to sustain momentum, deliver results in any environment

  • Key message: “just like climbing Kilimanjaro, success in business and life requires the right pace and the right path”.

The Human Touch: Leveraging Behavioral Coaching to Win in the Age of AI

  • Beat AI with better client connections through behavioral coaching

  • 3D Framework - discovery, design, discipline

  • Key results: stand out in a crowded marketplace, win and keep new clients, grow market share

  • Key message: “it’s not about prices, portfolios, or policies; it’s about people”.

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